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3d people holding pieces of a jigsaw puzzle with the word teamwork.AT for Education provides Assistive Technology services for students, adults, educators, administrators, related therapists, families, individuals, disability service providers, businesses, organizations, public and private schools, K-12, Post-secondary and Adult education, as well as Access for Employment/ the Workplace. AT for Education provides: Assistive Technology

  • Consultation
  • Assessments
  • Recommendations
  • Trials of Various Assistive Technology Solutions
  • Training for Individuals
  • Training for students and  educational teams (1 to 1 training & group training)
  • Training for Districts, Large or small PD workshops
  • Conferences and Workshops Nationally
  • Live Interactive Webinars
  • AT Summer Camps for Professionals & Students
  • Follow-up consultation, maintenance, and support Locally and Remotely
  • We also work with disability service providers in Colleges and Universities to provide AT training for alternative text versions of textbooks (audio/digital/braille), literacy software, Google Chrome and iPad apps, Magnification software, Screen Readers, Refreshable Braille Displays, Audio Recording Pens/ Apps, Voice Recognition, AAC, modifications and adaptations to furniture and equipment, environmental controls, Free and Low Cost AT Options for your campus, as well as Consultation on various other Assistive Technology. 
  • Examples of  Larger Workshops and PD Trainings include:  Universal Design for Learning; Intro to Assistive Technology-Access to Education & Employment; Creating an AT Team in your School; iPad Apps for Struggling Readers & Writers; Creating an Accessible Workplace; Voice Recognition Options-Free & Paid; LiveScribe Audio Recording Note-taking Pens; Refreshable Braille Display Training (in conjunction with ipad apps & Voiceover, or in conjunction with a laptop and screen reader); Free and Low Cost Assistive Technology Tools; Bookshare & Read and Write Gold- Access to audiobooks and AIM (Accessible Instructional Materials); iPad apps for Foundational Literacy (Pre-K and Kindergarten); iPad Apps for Blind and Low Vision Users; Chrome as AT- Free apps and extensions using Google Chrome; Apps for Education and Related Therapies (SLP/ OT); as well as Apps for Special Education including behavior management, communication & intervention;  iPad apps for STEM; Access to Literacy/ the Community/ Curriculum via the iPad and mobile devices, as well as  Training for general use of the iPad and the Accessibility features (iPad 101). Implementing iPads in education and 1:1 initiatives are also provided (Realistic Implementation and Creating Content); Read and Write Gold Literacy Software or Read and Write for Chrome- Universal Design Technology to support all learners, K-12 and Post-Secondary; Universal design in the Workplace; 503, 504, and 508 Compliance; Website Accessibility; Testing Accessibility.
  • Live Hands-On Training/ PD, and live interactive webinars are provided nationally and internationally, and can be tailored to the specific needs of a school or organization. Live  individual training can also be provided through a meeting online (distance learning) where the participant sees the iPad or computer screen and follows along with their own during instruction. To view a schedule of upcoming trainings, see the Calendar.
    • AT for education also provides support and Training for transition to employment and use of Assistive Technology in the workplace, community, or Home. Consultation and training are also provided to businesses to make the workplace accessible and meet 503 compliance, as well as 504 and 508 compliance.

Services for Individuals include Assistive Technology Consultation, Assessments, Recommendations, and Training , including access to Education, Transition to Post-secondary options, Employment, the Community and ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). Hands-on training or Live webinars and distance training is available.

Services for Schools and Districts

In order to schedule an Assistive Technology evaluation/ assessment for a specific student, first the school, agency, individual, or organization needs to:

  • Schedule an initial consultation meeting with Diana in person or via conference call. Contact Diana at, or call 603-998-4980
  • The teachers, related therapists and parents or guardians must fill out our pre-assessment/ student information forms. (K-12 Only)
  • Send Diana the student’s IEP and relevant test scores from other assessments (ie: neuropsych, vision, reading,OT/PT etc.). (K-12 Only)
  • Diana will call the Case Manager, DSS coordinator or director, or Special Ed. Administrator to schedule the AT Assessment, as well as in-school observations and follow-up meetings, training, trials, data collection and support.
  • Diana provides a thorough written report and will demonstrate all recommendations at a summary meeting, where members can specifically see how to implement the recommended AT.

Teachers, related therapists, case managers and the family are all invited to attend the meetings.  Follow-up services are also available at the student’s school, home or at post-secondary institutions or places of employment.

**FREE Assistive Technology: There are SEVERAL Free options for assistive technology. Free magnification and accessibility features, free text to speech, free voice recognition, free apps for the iPad, free audio and e-books, free apps and extensions in  Chrome, etc. We will explore all of your free options with you, as well as provide training to use the free technology and programs. The pros and cons of the free technologies versus paid technologies will be explained and demonstrated.

Large or Small Group Professional Development Workshops/ Trainings are provided for schools, organizations, institutions, etc. Trainings are tailored to the specific needs and requests of the participants, and can be provided as a demonstration or hands-on training. Live Webinars and Distance Training is available and is interactive, as participants can follow along with the instruction provided and ask questions for clarification.

Services for Individuals, Students, and Families

Do you have or know a child, student or an individual who has one or more following concerns?

  • Dyslexia or other learning disability
  • Struggling with the Reading or Writing Process, Including Math
  • Reading challenges or delays
  • Low Vision or Blind
  • Deaf/ Hard of Hearing
  • Fine Motor Difficulties or Physical Access Challenges
  • Physical limitations preventing the use of a standard keyboard and mouse
  • Difficulty with Attention, Organization, Time Management or “time-on-task”
  • Executive Function Difficulties
  • Autism
  • Communication or Speech Challenges; Specific needs for AAC
  • Needs or Responds better to a multi-sensory approach to Learning

He or she may benefit greatly from  Assistive Technology.

Professional Development Training Services

Diana next to a presentation screenDiana  provides Professional Development Workshops to Train Staff and Students (hands-on) on the use of selected AT (Assistive Technology) software and devices, both operational skills and application strategies.  She provides workshops to access and utilize assistive technologies such as iPads, Bookshare, Read and Write Gold/Literacy Software, ZoomText, Dragon/Voice Recognition, LiveScribe Smart Pens, AAC options or Switch Access, Chrome Apps & Extensions, Refreshable Braille Displays as well as iPad Accessibility/ iPad 101,  and iPad or iOS Apps for specific grades, skills, abilities, disabilities, learning goals and daily living (ADL’s). Training for Google Chrome apps and free options in Chrome is also provided. (ie: Apps for Reading/Writing/Notetaking/scheduling/Math, Apps for Science/Gov’t/History, Apps for Blind/Low Vision users, Apps for Related Therapists, Apps for access and ADL’s, etc).

A well thought out approach for a specific individual Assistive Technology Assessment may consist of any number of the following services:

  • AT Assessment – Work with students, educators, and others to identify appropriate AT options and services for the student’s academic goals; if needed, observe in school and the community, provide written report, attend IEP meetings (K-12).
  • Acquisition of Technology – Identify and recommend sources of AT and assist with purchase and acquisition.
  • Technology Configuration – Technical  assistance configuring devices and software to student’s needs and preferences.  Also, assisting IT personnel configuring AT software on school computers and advise to the required technology, hardware and specifications needed.
  • Assistive Technology Training- for the selected/ purchased/ acquired assistive technology, for the student and education team.
  • Modifications and adaptations to furniture, the environment (work, home or school), iPad, AAC, and computer to ensure equal access to the curriculum.
  • Alternative Accessible Formats of Books & Materials – Assistance with acquiring and converting materials to alternative formats, such as audio, digital, electronic Braille, large font, DAISY, Word, PDF,EPub, or others for use with AT such as text-to-speech/literacy  software, DAISY players, iPad apps or magnification, etc. Advising and Training on the best sources for specific types of materials such as Bookshare, APH, NIMAC, NLS, and others depending on the format needed and how it will be used.
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – Help educators adopt U.D.L. practices through incorporation of various instructional technologies such as interactive whiteboards, literacy software, iPads and Apps, graphic organizers, free websites and resources and others.
  • In-Class follow-up support – As needed, Diana can observe the individual or student in appropriate environments in which the assistive technology will be utilized. Strengths, abilities and learning styles of the individual will be considered and built upon.
  Diana can provide staff training and time in the classroom to work with the student and teacher in using the assistive technology solution, matching AT solutions with the student’s academic goals and helping to integrate the new tools into daily curriculum.
  • Other Professional Services – Collaboration and Consultation on Assistive Technology related inquiries, Assistive Technology Assessments,  Alternative Text Production, and 508 Compliance for websites and documents.
  • Services for everyone! – Hands-on workshops arranged on-request for small and large groups of 10-100 people, training on iPad Accessibility and Apps for Education, Communication/AAC,  Software & Hardware/ AT Devices, Magnification, Voice Recognition Options, LiveScribe SmartPens, Free and low cost AT solutions/ resources, and more.

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General questions and discussions  via phone or email are provided at no charge.  For  specific service quotes contact Diana at or call 603-998-4980.

  • Assistive Technology Assessments – AT assessment costs do vary depending on numerous factors, for example: the extent of solutions sought, whether classroom observations are needed, whether a written report is required, and I.E.P. or evaluation summary meeting attendance. Formal A.T. assessments with an observation,  written report and demonstration of technology options generally range from $900. to $1500, depending on the factors mentioned above. Once you have discussed the specifics of what you need, we can provide you with an estimate and contract.
  • Large or Small PD workshops/ trainings – Provided at a flat-rate including all training materials. Hands-on or demonstrations available. Hourly, Half-Day, Full Day, Multiple-Day Trainings, Summer AT Camps, during or after school hours.
  • Payments- Payments for individuals are appreciated at the time of service or upon receiving invoice, however other arrangements can be made. Payments from schools and/ or organizations are accepted via contract and purchase orders.

To learn more about why having an AT evaluation is important, visit this page.  To contact Diana with any questions or to schedule an assessment, training or consultation you may reach her by email at, by phone at (603) 998-4980.
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