5 Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Verona

Begin to partake in this casual half-day visit in the Valpolicella wine locale in Verona. During the excursion, your aide will inform you concerning the nearby wines and the Valpolicella valley. Then, at that point, show up at a delightful winery, situated in the core of Valpolicella. Here a specialist sommelier will show you the wine basement and clarify the privileged insights of creation and show you how the wine is kept. A while later, lounge around the table to taste some picked wines, including the incomparable Amarone.

1)Verona Food & Wine Walking Tour
Get a taste of Verona’s culinary culture on a food and walking tour. Led by a guide, pair a typical pastry with Italian espresso; taste local products such Soppressa, a typical salami, paired with Monte Veronese cheese; or sip on the great Valpolicella. As you taste, explore the city’s rich history and architecture, passing the Roman Arena and other top landmarks. Numbers are limited to 12 to keep the experience as intimate as possible.

2)The Verona tour: Food, Wine & history with Lunch
Discover Verona’s gastronomy and the city highlights during this half-day tour. Stroll down the quaint streets of the historic city center and learn about the history and traditions of Verona. Tours are modified for each season and you visit historic eateries, wine bars, and restaurants. You also take a ride on the funicular to the highest part of the city for a stunning view of Verona.

3)Discover Valpolicella by the River in Verona center
Get access to a private, hidden garden during this wine tasting tour in Verona. Learn about the secrets of top-quality valpolicella while enjoying tastings in a flower garden overlooking the River Adige. Your guide will provide in-depth tasting notes and commentary on the local culinary culture.

4)Verona Tour and Amarone Wine-tasting

Pair light exercise with nature and history and a little bit of wine on this fun half-day electric bicycle tour through Valpolicella’s vineyard-blanketed hills. Pedal through the beautiful countryside of low-rolling hills and then stop to sample some locally made wine at a vineyard while learning about the typical characteristics of the region’s wine from an expert sommelier

5) Wine Tasting Experience
Take a private tour of the Bertani wine estate followed by a wine tasting experience with a 1.5-hour tour. Visit the exquisite 18th-century Villa Mosconi Bertani and the gorgeous English-style gardens that surround it. See the famous wine cellars, the birthplace of Amarone, and take part in a wine tasting to sample three different wines.

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